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ประสบการณ์ มากกว่า 40 ปี

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ประสบการณ์ มากกว่า 40 ปี

logo sportman โรงงานระดับชาติ


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Compound Test – To Meet World Standard

The compound of Sportman rubber roller is the key factor of the quality. We guarantee that every batch is the best compound to provide from all the knowledge in polymer science.

Abrasion Test – For World Standard Performance

To satisfy our customers for the durability of our polymer product, we have to seriously focus on the abrasion of our compound. Every compound has developed and lock for the best properties at the best suitable cost. It is because we must serve the best to customers.

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Abrasion Test

There are various ways to check abrasion properties. This rolling abrasion test is also crucial for abrasion properties. We use this testing machine to make sure that our abrasion properties are outperforming others in the market.

Tensile Test

Tensile properties show how good elastic our compounds are. We make sure that every compound gives us the best elastic properties. So, this will help our product give the best performance.


Din Abrasion Test

DIN Abrasion tester GT-KB03 is used to determine wear performance test of materials like elastic material, rubber, tires, conveyor belts, conveyor belts, shoe soles.

DIN-53516, JIS-K6369, JIS K6264-2,GB/T 20991 section 8.3, GB/T 20265, GB20266-2006, GB/T 9867, EN ISO 20344 section 8.3, AS/NZS 2210.2 section 8.3, ISO 4649, BS903-A9 Method A, ASTM D5963, ISO20871, QB/T2884, EN 12770

Finished Product Test 

We have a balancing test with our finished rice rubber roller to meet the world standard.


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detchai rubber 09

Aging Finish Product

We test to determine the relative deterioration resistance of vulcanized rubber in a high temperature and high pressure oxygen environment.